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Unpoetic Ninfection.

You asked for it...

Q: Ninfa, why do you like Asians so much/what's with you and the yellow fellows? A: Let me show you!

1. JAMES IHA : of Smashing Pumpkins fame. You always remember your first.

2.  DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS FOOD: UHHHH have you ever HAD pad thai!?!? 'nuff said.

3.  ALL ASIAN THINGS ARE CUTE: (see below)

4. ASIAN BABIES: Babies are normally very gross, smelly, expensive, and cock-blocking. But asian babies are so much cuter than boring white ones!

5. PHYSICS IS REALLY SEXY: Do I have any idea what this equation means? Nope. Would I probably makeout with someone that could figure this out despite having a severe lack of social skills? YUP.

6. THEY LOVE ME FIRST: who am I to deny feverishly excited waves and cheers of adoration in broken English?


Fear not, white boys - you can still woo me over moo shu vegetables anytime.