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Unpoetic Ninfection.

Feelin' like a ProviDUNCE

pvdline Providence, Rhode Island is a little city with a lot of character, and most of my formative years were spent here in alleys at 4am and holding hands with boys down Empire.

PROS: good food, but not much in terms of ethnic food (two Korean places, one Ethiopian place, etc.), cheap rent, great bars, attractive dudes, pretty much everyone gives you free stuff once you know them, historic as fuck architecture, it's not that shithole Boston, and you can get away with questionable jokes.

CONS: all the local beer is shitty (except Trinity's Ginger Wheat tho,) every bar is packed with people you dated, it snows, everyone is flaky as fuck and acts like you're a cyborg for being ambitious/traveling/wanting to leave/expressing opinions/intersectional/knowing how to pronounce "quinoa," everyone has a fucking beard now and you're probably related to the person you just made out with from Tinder.

I love you like a boyfriend who gave me chlamydia, Providence, but I'm over your sad strip malls and not being able to buy beer outside of a liquor store.